OK, I am a pesticide girl.  If I want to keep bugs from bugging my horses I am going to reach for the Pyrethrins every time, that is until recently.  I have had an all-natural product in my store for 3 years now and never tried it.  One of my employees kept telling me that it was good stuff but I remained skeptical.  How could it be? 

Well my equestrian companions, I am here to tell you it works.  I broke down and tried it and was amazed at the results!!!  It is called Toad Mist and it really leaves your horses comfortable. 

I use the tail swish, head toss method to base my findings.  It has a pleasant smell to me but I guess bugs don€™t care for it at all.  On top of being a great bug barrier it also provides a natural UV protection from the Camellia oil blend.  It is not an oily product either so no slippery horse.  The product is Guaranteed to work for 6 to 8 hours too!!! 

So come by ABRT and get your bottle and try it for yourself, I think you too will be amazed at the results.


Bring in a picture of you and your horse for the store.

We will frame it and hang it up for everyone to enjoy.

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