The flies are going to be partying at our stables this season!! This unseasonable weather and all the rain are perfect for all insects. There are a few tips for helping to keep down your fly population.

#1 Keep your stalls and barn clean. Keeping manure out of the barn will help greatly in keeping the flies out.Spread your manure thinly on the pasture preferably where your horses do not graze. Another idea is to compost your manure for garden beds. I like to use manure to fill in holes in my pasture.

#2 Control weeds around your buildings. Flies like cool places to rest and tall weeds are a great place to hang out and take a breather.

#3 Do not leave water around in puddles or troughs that are not being used. Flies need a moist environment for their eggs and larvae.

#4 I have a fly system in my barn and when used correctly the fly’s don’t stand a chance. The spray keeps down the population so that my horses are comfortable in the hot weather.

#5 Fans also deter flies. The current of the fan makes it difficult to fly and if you have a fly system it moves the spray and reaches more flies.

#6 Different fly traps can also collect a lot of flies and do not carry the precautions of pesticides. I use one in my chicken coop and it does a great job.

#7 Using fly sprays, fly masks, or fly strips on your horses can really make their life more pleasant. Look for my product review on an all natural fly repellant that really works!

#8 This year I am going to be putting into place the Fly Predators. I have heard rave reviews and intend to see for myself. ABRT will have all the Fly Predator ordering information in store.

These are just some quick tips to get you started. We have all the fly supplies you will need to combat this fly problem at Alabama Blue Ribbon Tack.


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