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Michelle Klasing owns ABRT and has extensive knowledge in different disciplines since childhood. She rode Hunter Jumpers growing up then Read more...

Kimberly Stephenson fell in love with horses when she first sat on one as a toddler.  She started out with a pony when she was 8 years  Read more...
ABRTack returns from AETA in PA
Written by Michelle   
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 15:13

Kimberly and I have returned from AETA in PA. and the store is about to explode with new merchandise.  This was Kimberly’s first time to go and she was so much fun to watch.  It’s a “candy store” for any equestrian!  As always there are so many new products on the market, and fun things just in time for Christmas.  Some of the new things that I am excited about are Clip Fur Friend, Back Joy, Equi Cool Down, Luv Inspired, and some new clothing lines.alt
Clip Fur Friend is going to make body clipping horses less of a hairy mess by deflecting the hair away from you and keeping you clean.
BackJoy is a great way new way to improve your posture in the saddle.  Unlike the Shoulders back product, its not as restrictive and it’s comfortable to wear.  The shirt itself is sporty looking and the material is wicking.  It was designed by orthopedic surgeons and a product designer at Nike.

Equi Cool Down is a PVA material that stays cool all day long with any water source.  For horses there is a body wrap, leg wraps and a neck wrap.  For humaaltns they have towels, headbands and a beanie for inside your helmets.  These products are amazingly cool and are a must have for our climate!!

Luv Inspired jewelry has the cutest charms for your horses bridle, and a matching necklace.  They are really brightly colored and a fun way to display your horses breed or character.
The new clothing lines are fun ware for everyday or schooling.  Anything from soft brushed cotton to new technical fabrics.  ABRT will have great new spring looks starting in Late January.
Come by the store and check out the new merchandise.  It is arriving now through October and will sale fast, don’t be left out. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 August 2014 15:54
Meet The Emily Parker St. John Scholarship 2014
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 00:00

As usual, we were honored to be presented with so many talented applicants for the EPSJ scholarship.  It is always a tough decision, but alas there can only be one 2014 Emily St John Scholarship Winnerrecipient.  I personally want to thank everyone for taking the time to do applications, essays and DVDs for the scholarship.  This year Devyn Schranz was chosen as the scholarship recipient.   We are so happy for her and wish her the best this year as she developes her skills as an equestrian. My name is Devyn Schranz and I am twelve years old. I have been riding horses for five years at Dreamweaver Stables. I started riding at the age of seven when my older sister and my trainer finally persuaded me to get on a horse after many years of being afraid of them. I fell in love instantly! I started lessons the next week and participated in summer camps. I had always been a very shy and timid little girl before riding horses. Over the years of working with horses my confidence and self-esteem have grown tremendously! I can honestly say I am not the same person. I've learned horses have a way of building confidence and also often keep you humble.

When I was ten years old I was given my first horse. She is a fiery, chestnut, Quarter horse mare named Annie. She taught me so much. She taught me to be patient and bold. I was able to take Annie to local schooling shows and she did quite well! She was a great first horse and I love her very much. She is currently a school horse at the barn where I train and is teaching other kids to ride. After riding Annie for almost two years, my trainer felt that I may be out growing her and needed to look for a new horse. I tried a horse very briefly for about two months that taught me a whole lot. He had some past injuries we did not know about and was unable to jump. He has a great new home now were he enjoys doing dressage. Embed Embed this video on your site
The search was on for a new horse yet again. We needed to make a wise economic decision, so my trainer recommended adopting an off the track Thoroughbred. She has worked with several before and knew they make great Eventers.  She also understands it takes a lot of time and patience to work with and train them. She contacted New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program to begin searching for my partner in crime. They responded right away, and told us about one they thought would be a good fit for me. We saw one short video of him and I fell in love again!  On January 4th, 2013 my tall, lanky, sweet, and very green Thoroughbred arrived at our barn! His registered racing name was Thunder Dancing, but at the barn we call him Tate and when he is really goofy we call him Tatertot. I could have not chosen a more perfect horse for me! He is very kind, willing, strong, a little silly and sometimes afraid. I love this horse so much! He really is amazing!

                 In the past year we have been working very hard. When Tate arrived he had only been off the track two months and only knew how to go fast! Last year we showed at several local schooling shows. Last fall we did our first show at Poplar Place Farms and he did really well! Early on we had some issues with cross country, but this year we've come so far overcoming our fears. We have done three shows this year along with two clinics. Our first show was Poplar Place Farms and we competed Amoeba three phase. We then did the University of Alabama schooling show where we competed Beginner Novice CT and we did really well! Then we competed at a Chatt Hills schooling show. We competed in Tadpole three phase to make sure our cross country issues were being conquered . We had a huge mental break through and had a great show!

                 I am really hoping Tate and I will have a long career together. We have both learned so much and still have so, so very much to learn! We plan on doing our first rated dressage show this May and another rated dressage show in June. In both of these shows we will be competing at Training level 3. We will also concentrate on doing more three phase schooling shows this summer and fall. I am also hoping to show my first three phase Beginner Novice in a couple of weeks. All of this as you know is quite costly. I would be honored to be considered for the Emily Parker St. John Scholarship. Emily sounds like she was a beautiful person and with a passion for horses just like me.
         I am so sorry for your loss and will pray for your family.  I appreciate the opportunity to apply for a scholarship in her name. Thank you for letting me share my story and my love for horses with you.

Last Updated on Saturday, 31 May 2014 18:34
A very scary thing happened to one of our own here in Alabama this past weekend in Rainsville.
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 14 May 2014 16:00

On Sunday, May 11th, at approx. 3am, Susan Wainwright’s horse Hunter was taken from his stall at the Rainsville Agricultural Center and loaded on to a trailer.  It is unknown where he was taken or what the intent was, but he was found the next day after an extensive search in a nearby field injured and in shock.  He had his head split altopen to the bone and was non-weight bearing on his front right leg.  It appears that the injuries occurred in the trailer and that he altwas dumped off in this field.  Hunter is an upper level dressage horse that was breed and trained by Susan, and Susan is a well known professional in the Montgomery area.

I have shown for as long as I can remember, and this is the first time something this horrible has ever happened this close to home.  We all go to shows believing that when we leave our horses in their stalls they are safe till the next day.   

A lot of my customers show at this facility on a regular basis.  This was a random crime and I felt the need to try and help law enforcement bring the person or persons responsible for this crime to justice.  Somebody knows something or saw something!   Susan and I discussed offering a reward to anyone with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

This is a way for this community to not just sweep this under the rug as this affects all of us.  The perps are still out there and they believe they gotten away with this senseless crime. Hopefully with a reward looming someone will turn them in and it will send a message that we will take action!!
Alabama Blue Ribbon Tack has set up an account at Regions bank for contributions to go toward Hunter’s reward fund.  

Contact us for details or go by any Regions Bank and ask to contribute to the Hunter Wainwright Reward Fund in care of Michelle D. Klasing.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 May 2014 20:40
Written by Noelle   
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 18:29

Buddy is a 4y.o. 16.2hh Solid Bay TB Gelding with only 3 starts. He is a quality prospect with a great mind and lots of potential. His pedigree is impeccable with sires such as, BOLD RULER, NATIVE DANCER and MR.PROSPECTOR. He is schooling extensively on the flat learning the basics as well as turns on the haunches and forehand and leg yields. He is a quick learner and very willing with LOTS of great movement. He has been started over fences with plenty of scope and confidence to go bigger. Buddy is NOT spooky and works great in any setting. He is not distracted by outside commotion or noises and is great in or out of the arena. Buddy goes barefoot and is completely sound, GREAT feet! He stands 16.2hh with more filling out to do. Turns out great with others. Very amateur friendly. Sound with NO vices.


Have questions contact Michelle or Noelle today.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 April 2014 18:37
Drinking water is vital to a horses health.
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:00

Drinking water is vital to a horses health.  It is so important to their digestion, and helps prevent colic.  Horses do not drink as much in the winter and with a diet of dry hay and feed it is important to keep them drinking.  Embed Embed this video on your site

Alabama Blue Ribbon Tack carries a product called Horse Quencher and it is GREAT!!!  This product has been highly recommended by the vets at Coosa Valley Equine in Pell City, Al.  I tried the product at my farm with my 18yo warmblood and a 4yo TB.  They both had not been drinking well with the cooler weather.  Amazing results!!!  My 18yo drinks it up and eats the grainy leftovers on the bottom, he loves it, and his bucket is bone dry in the morning. 

The TB also drinks a bucket by morning.  I have 2 buckets hanging with water but only one with horse quencher.  The consistency of Horse Quencher will surprise you.  The product looks like grain and it taste pretty good (yes, I tasted it).  I assume it must be like “horse tea” to them. 

Alabama Blue Ribbon Tack keeps the 20LB bucket in stock for $110.00, this will last a long time and keep your horse healthy and happy.

Luther says check out the other holiday items we have and get your holiday treat.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 April 2014 11:47
After 4 Years at ABRT
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 14 April 2014 17:50

Owning a business is a labor of love, and one of the things that I cherish is my employees, or as I like to call them, my closest friends, and it is hard to say alt“goodbye”.  After 4 years at ABRT I have had to say goodbye to Tierney Screven.  She is leaving to spend more time with her husband traveling, and preparing her last child for college.  Tierney was such an asset to ABRT, and we all will truly miss her editing, computer skillsalt and her “buying power”.  My store numbers will probably fall drastically without her here!!!!  I know that everyone will miss seeing her at the store, but wishes the best for her in the future.  Maybe someday she will miss us so much she’ll come back……..

Last Updated on Monday, 14 April 2014 17:55
More Articles...

EIS Shirts are Here!

The RJ Classics

The RJ Classics Navy washable stretch coat.  $239.00
 Get your's now for Spring 2014
They are selling like “hot cakes”!!!

New Ariat Boot

New Ariat boot Available Spring 2014.  We are taking pre orders.




Deluxe Model (shown)-$399.00
  Standard Model-$299.00
Different stains to choose from, and easy assembly.
They roll anywhere and hold all your gear!

Year of the Horse Sales

March- 15% off new spring shirts
April- Free pair of socks with a purchase of $75. Or more
May- 20% off show coats
June- BIG 20% off breeches
July- 50% off summer items
August- 6yr anniversary.  Weekly give away
September-15% off strap goods
October-15% off pink items
November-20% off all boots


Bring in a picture of you and your horse for the store.

We will frame it and hang it up for everyone to enjoy.. 

We have 57 guests online


Helmet Winner Addison Houser



May 2nd thru 4th Area 3 Championship - Poplar Place

July 10th-13th.. Elite, Auburn

July 17th- 20th.. Elite, Auburn

Aug. 30th-31st.. Chatt. Hills

Sept. 20th-21st.. Poplar Place

Oct. 25th-26th.. Chatt. Hills


May 10th.. Fox Lake Farm

May 31st.. Long View

Sept. 6th.. Vintage Creek

Sept. 27th.. Westminister*

Oct. 10th-12th.. Cameron Oaks

Nov. TBA.. AHJA Year End

* Monthly Westminister Visits will be announced on FaceBook

** Dates subject to change.. Check with us weekly for updates.

What is Happening at ABRTack

For these upcoming events at
Alabama Blue Ribbon Tack:

Remember our New Student

Package: Helment, Breeches, Paddock Boot, Gloves and get 10% Off

MoJo Joint is Here!

ABRTack is now carrying MoJo Joint supplements. Come by today and pick up your 45 day supply.

Mojo is balanced with potent ingredients that have delayed or spread out invasive maintenance measures such as hock injections. Mojo contains 10 anti-inflamatories including Omega 3 and Omega 6's.

Many ingredients are food instead of feed grade, all are balanced quantities making sure your horse receives enough of what they need and not too much of what they do not. All ingredients found in Mojo are natural and legal to show on in the USEF and FEI levels.

AHJA Year End Show

Kimberly and I had the pleasure of taking the ABRT trailer to the Alabama Hunter Jumper Association’s Year End Horse Show.  The show was held this year at Auburn Horse Park, which is located at H&G horse quarters in Auburn, AL.  Year End is always a great show because we get to see all of our local farms together in one place!  This year, in my opinion, was the best turn out yet!  We loved being set up close to the barn, because we really felt like a part of the show!  We were located just outside the “little ring”, so we had a great view of all the precious ponies!  As always the Christmas Breyer, Along with Breyer in general, were GREAT sellers!  It was a very chilly weekend, so we also sold a lot of our new Ariat coats!.. And lets not forgot the slinkies to keep those braids in!  The ABRT four legged mascots who attended with us, Munchkin and Cat, were also a big hit!  Over all it was a very successful weekend!  We had lots of fun and can’t wait to see you all when we get back on the road next show season!

Scheduled Closing Dates

May 26th- Closed
July 4th and 5th Closed
September 1st- Closed
November 26th-Close at 12:00
November 27th and 28th-Closed
December 24th-Close at 12:00
December 25th-Janurary 1st-Closed

Please take note of our close schedule .


ABRT will no longer be doing CASH returns. 

We will be doing exchanges or store credits. 

Thank you for your

understanding in this matter. 

We want to be here for a

long time and continue to offer

competitive pricing to our customers! 

Who can’t always use a credit in a tack store??

Custom "Miniture" Stable Are Here!

Two left as shown above and One you can paint yourself.

Great Christmas Gifts!

As shown $275.00 - Sized for Byer Horses

Call us today while they last.

Tell A Friend

Tell your friend and SAVE$$$$ For every 5 friends you tell get 5$ OFF!!!

Circle Y Trail Gaiter Endurance

16" Circle Y Trail Gaiter Endurance saddle.  Color Walnut with wire edge tooling, spider borders, 3/4 drooped C rigging, skirt 10" D x 25", with a regular tree. Sheep skin lining with Ergo balance trail stirrups. Come see it today!


Call us (205)444-0240 and let us put you in this saddle.
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